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Adding your Squid to Shoal

This post describes how to install, configure, and run shoal-agent to add your squid cache to shoal. If you are interested in shoal itself we published a description of the system here:

Dynamic web cache publishing for IaaS clouds using Shoal
I Gable, M Chester, P Armstrong, F Berghaus, A Charbonneau, C Leavett-Brown, M Paterson, R Prior, R Sobie, R Taylor.
Proceedings of the 2013 CHEP Conference, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 513 (2013) 062035 Amsterdam 2013
Squid Installation If you already have a squid installed, move on to the next part. Otherwise, follow the instructions for installing the frontier squid variant. The frontier squid is nicely packaged and optimized for Frontier and CVMFS.

Shoal Agent Installation If you want to set up Shoal Agent very quickly, do:

curl | bash
service shoal-agent start

More extensive instructions are available as Github documentation. In particular, note …