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Adding your Squid to Shoal

This post describes how to install, configure, and run shoal-agent to add your squid cache to shoal. If you are interested in shoal itself we published a description of the system here: Dynamic web cache publishing for IaaS clouds using Shoal I Gable, M Chester, P Armstrong, F Berghaus, A Charbonneau, C Leavett-Brown, M Paterson, R Prior, R Sobie, R Taylor. Proceedings of the 2013 CHEP Conference, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 513 (2013) 062035 Amsterdam 2013 Squid Installation If you already have a squid installed, move on to the next part. Otherwise, follow the instructions for installing the frontier squid variant . The frontier squid is nicely packaged and optimized for Frontier and CVMFS. Shoal Agent Installation If you want to set up Shoal Agent very quickly, do: curl | bash service shoal-agent start More extensive instructions are available as Github documentation .