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Shoal - Squid Proxy Discovery and Management

The Shoal system has been running stable in a production environment for several years now without much change. The goal of Shoal is to help provide contextualization to new virtual machines in a cloud production habitat. More simply- Shoal provides virtual machines with some squid proxies where they can retrieve the software and data they need to run their payloads without going all the way to the source. The Shoal system is broken down into three components: shoal-agent shoal-server shoal-client The shoal-agent is a daemon process that runs on a squid proxy cache. The daemon collects various health metrics and configuration information about the squid and sends the shoal-server a message via AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). Each installation of shoal-agent will have a shoal-agent configuration file typically found at /etc/shoal/ shoal_agent.conf. This file allows you to configure several things about the squid cache such as which shoal-server to register to, who the