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HEPiX Presentations

We had the opportunity to presented our compute and storage system for HEP at the Fall HEPiX at KEK, Japan. In our first presentation , we showed how we run HEP workloads on distributed clouds. We showed how Cloudscheduler is used to start up VMs on any cloud accessible to us automatically when needed, how  Shoal  is used to connect to the squid closest to a VM, and how we implemented an Accounting and Benchmark system. Our second presentation covered the data storage part, which is for a distributed cloud system very different than for a traditional Grid storage site. In this presentation, we showed why a distributed cloud compute system needs a different storage approach, how we realize it, and how the authentication and authorization for such system works. We will present updates on our accounting and monitoring system as well as on the production usage of our distributed storage system  soon at CHEP in Sofia, Bulgaria.